Some teachings that changed my life.

Dr. Donald Joy from Unfinished Business. This is a teaching directed at men, but all will prosper who listen. With what is often called the feminist movement this applies to women more and more. The younger the woman the more she has been masculinized by the media. Wonder woman to Lara Croft; women kicking mens butts. All fantasy and can’t happen but fantasy can become reality when we work for it. I fell for the fantasy that the “good guy saves the poor girl and they live happily ever after.” Never happened, never will. Today women fall for the same fantasy; I believe in part by all the female heroine roles in the media.

I recommend some books: The Best Things in Live by Kreeft; Love is a Choice by Hemfelt; Where is God when it hurts by Yancy; Evidence that demands a verdict, and From belief to Conviction by McDowell Caring Enough to Confront by Augsburger.