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The City answers the homeless issue from yesterday

Hope Forward and new work in Homeless

Three photos I took today with my phone.

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Great Movies

Mt. St. Helens Explosive evidence for creation

Courageous and Risen  These two movies should let you play from the link. Courageous is a Kendrick Brothers film about living without the spirit of fear but of sound mind.  Risen is a movie based on Biblical and extrabiblical accounts (think Josephus). Tells the story of the battle to cover up the body of Christ/Messiah. I’m using coverup in both ways. The effects on the man assigned to cover up.

Watch what happens when the preacher preaches and someone actually believes what he doesn’t believe; but preached.


City Mayor brings back Christ into Christmas ends up in jail. His grandson finds the video of his father’s death while on military patrol in Mid-east.

Unconditional:  Love lost, found; horses; Nashville project living; unforgiveness almost leads to murder; fatherless; and fathered. Bring the box, this movie will make you feel such love for the Lord it leads to the tissue issue.

Friends for Life:  I can’t find the movie for free anywhere but this will let you know how the bear fight was filmed. Amazing.
Man wife dies; finds orphaned wolf pups; saves the town from predators (two legged kind) Finds the Lord’s love.
Bear trainer
Friends for Life Box cover

Concussion    Here is the trailer The movie about the man brought to the US by the hand of God to stand for the men dying from football brain injury.

Lost and Found Family: A rich lady is widowed. She finds that her husband had lost everything but had not told her. He had only one asset left outside the estate auction. A rental property in a small town far away. See what the Lord had in mind for that rental property.

Miracles from Heaven  True story of faith under fire. Watch a mother kneel at the base of an old dead tree. She repeats the Lord’s prayer. Inside the tree is her young daughter who fell into the hollow tree from a limb 30 feet up. As you watch remember that during this filming Jennifer Garner was in divorce proceedings, now she has determined to make it work. Coincidence? It always amazes me how actors can do great work depicting God’s truth and leave untouched.

A teacher answers a student’s question. The student wanted to know if the teachings of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was comparable to the teaching of Christ. The teacher agreed with chapter and verse. The school board asked her to apologize. She refused and it went to court.

This is what took place during this short session in the Oregon legislature

Weekly update about legislative bills and budgets important to the disability community
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Oregon Legislative Assembly meets inside the Oregon State Capitol building
The 2016 Legislative Assembly adjourned today, Sine Die, at 1:07 p.m.  Here is our concise session wrap-up of matters of particular interest to the disability community.Sine Die always brings press releases from legislators and parties. This excerpt from Senate President Peter Courtney seems particularly informative:

“The short session is hard. In the end, its length is self-limiting. Issues that were carried over from 2015 and worked on in the interim fared well. Those that were sprung on us on opening day or even later did not. Preparation is the key to success in life and in the February session.”


The Survivors

HB 4042 Creates general assistance project administered by Department of Human Services.  PASSED AND SENT TO GOVERNOR

HB 4057 Directs Department of Education to prepare report related to educational performance of students from families in poverty.  GOVERNOR SIGNED

HB 4067 Provides affirmative defense to public or nonprofit organization employee whistleblowers who provide information to certain entities.  PASSED AND SENT TO GOVERNOR

HB  4074 Adjusts how adjudicated juveniles report as sex offenders.  PASSED AND SENT TO GOVERNOR

HB 4080 Establishes Governor’s Foster Care Advisory Commission to advise Governor and Director of Human Services regarding foster care system in this state. PASSED AND SENT TO GOVERNOR

HB 4143  Prohibits landlords from increasing rent on week-to-week tenancies without 7 days prior notice, and month-to-month tenancies during the first year and at any time after the first year without 90 days prior notice.  PASSED AND SENT TO GOVERNOR

SB 1515 Strengthens the Department of Human Services’ authority to license, regulate, and take enforcement action against child-caring agencies.  PASSED AND SENT TO GOVERNOR

SB 1532 Establishes tiered system for determination of minimum wage based on geographical location of employer.  GOVERNOR SIGNED

SB 1533 Allows cities and counties to establish “inclusionary zoning” rules to expand modest income housing for up to 20 percent of multifamily structure in exchange for one or more developer incentives.   PASSED AND SENT TO THE GOVERNOR

SB 1558 Limits disclosure of records of college student health centers, mental health centers or counseling centers to other individuals or college offices.  PASSED AND SENT TO GOVERNOR

SB 1571 Directs the Department of State Police to adopt rules concerning prioritization of testing untested sexual assault forensic evidence kits. PASSED AND SENT TO GOVERNOR

SB 1582 Directs Housing and Community Services Department to develop and implement Local Innovation and Fast Track Housing Program to expand state’s supply of affordable housing for low income households.  PASSED AND SENT TO GOVERNOR

Budget Highlights

The Department of Justice got $676,971 to establish an elder abuse prevention program in its Criminal Justice Division.

The Housing and Community Services Department got $2,727,660 for counseling services associated with the Oregon Foreclosure Avoidance Program. Legal Aid lawyers will be funded from this.

The Department of Education got $2,030,515 for deferred maintenance at the Oregon School for the Deaf.

The Department of Corrections got $3,000,000, for opening units at the Deer Ridge Correctional Institution for unexpected increases in the male prison population.

The Department of Corrections got $2,000,000 for physical improvements to the Behavioral Health Unit at the Oregon State Penitentiary and $3,359,148 for operations and health services.

The Housing and Community Services Department got $10,000,000 for homelessness prevention and assistance  services and $8,000,000 for Emergency Housing Assistance.

Budget Notes (Legislative Directions to Agencies)

OHA is directed to identify and track outcomes on each project that is implemented as a result of a $10 million investment in rural hospital transformation and sustainability.

OHA is directed to develop a plan and recommendations for extending medical assistance to children.

DHS is directed to to provide policy and budget options for decision making that will be required during the 2017 legislative session to ensure future sustainability of the APD and IDD programs. Steps include further refinement, analysis, and pricing of viable options or ideas brought forth by the agency, stakeholders, and other interested parties; the focus should be on ways to control caseload growth and utilization.

DHS is directed to take immediate actions that may help contain costs without changing the current service system structure and that do not require statutory changes. The agency’s action plan is to include:
• Review and correct, if needed, the relationship between assessment tools and program eligibility criteria;
• Take action to more efficiently align service authorization with people’s needs, also consider appropriate limits;
• Work to limit use of overtime in service plans;
• Continue discussions with CMS to prevent the conversion of natural support to paid support, with consideration for parental responsibility; and
• Further restrict the live-in program to prohibit live-in service plans when the individual lives in their family’s home or the family lives with the individual and is served by that relative.

HB – House Bill     SB – Senate Bill
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My favorite Bible studies I watch each week and replay during the week as I travel

Hope Sabbath School This is the closest thing to 1Cor 14 that I have seen. No one can tell me how we got to the one-man-tells-everyone-how-to-live model. The Bible sets up the University model that most our Universities lost. A University was and still should be a place where people meet to exchange ideas and testimony. A place where people take turns speaking and listening. Sadly, the 12 step groups use this model when the church has abandoned it. Think of how many other things the 12 step groups use that the church has abandoned? A sponsor in the 12 steps groups is an Elder in the church, but we need sponsors because so many elders don’t do diddly squat. I beg everyone to read: Not God – Goodreads Goodreads  Rating: 4.3 – ‎185 votes A History of Alcoholics Anonymous” as Want to Read: … The most complete history of A.A. ever written. Not God contains anecdotes and excerpts from the diaries, correspondence, and occasional memoirs of A.A.’s early figures.

I believe one of the reasons we don’t follow 1Cor 14 in our churches is because of numbers. Wherever we go people ask, how many people are in your church, or, how big is your church. Even with the example of David we still believe in numbers. If we run a 1Cor 14 assembly, we risk losing numbers? How long would people stay if they were expected to give a testimony or share something that the Lord has done for them?

Our assemblies have so many who believe that just being in the building is their ticket to heaven. They wouldn’t give the Lord credit if someone paid them. That’s called “the pride of life” in the Bible. 1Jn 2:16. Taking credit for the Lord’s work is deadly I believe.

My second choice is Doug Batchelor. He is a great historian who does an extraordinary job at bringing the meaning of the words in a way that we know what they meant to the readers of the Word, when it was written.

Perspective 2

We see the beautiful structure above and think that mankind has advanced to the highest heights. But the Lord sees the tents below and sheds tears. He asks how can we be so smart that we can leave 40,000 in the cold. Yes, 40,000 people are living in the Portland area and its burbs in tiny tents. He says in each rainbow that he won’t use water next time, but I can feel the fire that’s coming to clean this mentality away forever. Daring bridges and dying people don’t do good math in the Lords economy. The opposite of poverty is not wealth… it is justice.

Quote By Bryan Stevenson. (n.d.). Quotery. Retrieved March 1, 2016, from






Would you have ever thought that the above picture was a close-up of the miniature elf house below. Think of how many times we are at battle with the Lord when we see it close up and intimidating: when he sees it small and unnerving in the least. What if we could see everything with his perspective? petitions

May be a small victory here

 SB 1571 Directs the Department of State Police to adopt rules concerning prioritization of testing untested sexual assault forensic evidence kits. PASSED AND SENT TO GOVERNOR

Pass Melissa's Law in Oregon


On December 13th, 2001, our 14-year-old daughter Melissa was tragically raped, sodomized, and murdered in the backyard of a neighbor while on her way to school. The loss of Melissa could have been prevented, if all rape kits were processed by Portland police.

In 1997, three teenagers were dragged behind houses and raped. Two rape kits were not processed until years later, after Melissa was murdered, finally connecting them to our case. Had they been tested with urgency, her killer would most likely have been in jail and not free to kill our daughter.

We expect police to test rape kits in a timely and efficient manner; but this is not the case. In July of 2002 we were assured by law enforcement that the backlog of rape kits would be processed. Now in 2016, there are twice as many backlogged.

Davontae Sanford has been in prison for nearly nine years for a crime he did not commit. In 2007, Sanford, a partially blind, developmentally disabled 14-year-old child, was interrogated by police after four people were murdered on Runyon Street in his neighborhood. He was questioned twice without the presence of his parents or an attorney. In the second of his two statements, he implicated himself as one of the shooters, but later “told a psychologist that he had made it all up because the police had told him he could go home if he would ‘just [tell] them something.’”

A little info on Homeless housing