Other food crimes

One of the many other food crimes is their use of beans.

The government officials of Oregon have no loyalty to Oregonians. They buy their garbage to feed prisoners from all over the world. Very little is purchased from Oregonians. I can honestly say that the milk is the only thing, and some ice-cream.

I watched the officials plow under ripe vegetable in the gardens grown on prison property. The more they use for the prisoners the less they can make from buying the expired foods.

Here is the bean cannon in their arsenal of cheat.

Beans grown in China (or anywhere) are transported by ship. There are always storms on the ocean. These rock the ships and storm water gets into the beans. When they arrive on our shores they are inspected and the wet beans are rejected. They are piled  somewhere and farmers bid on the refuse for compost or animal feed. But wait. Oregon officials get among the bidders because they have animals to feed-prisoners.

In an Oregon prison is the only place on earth where all the beans you are fed have tiny sprouts floating in the beans. When the beans got wet they began the process of breaking down the bean to sprout. Called Germination

From http://www.usdrybeans.com/recipes/recipe-facts/ "Always use fresh dry beans if possible. Beans that have been stored for over 12 months or in unfavorable conditions may never soften." Under the section: "How do you tell if beans are fresh:" "Unfortunately, assessing the age of packaged dry beans is difficult. Inspect the package and look for firm, clean, whole beans with a minimum of cracks and broken seed coats. The color should be bright not muddy, and the beans should have a slight sheen." "Uncooked, dry beans should be stored in tightly sealed containers and kept in a cool, dry area. While storage time does not affect nutrient value, beans may require longer cook times as they age."

I can testify that I never saw beans, that fit this discription of fresh, ever served to prisoners. Often at the prison the men would complain about the hard beans. I would explain this to many. But sadly it has become common practice today to complain without action(whining). There is good reason for this. The retaliation by prison staff for anyone telling the truth is quick and harsh. I was five times in the Hole on false charges.

I've seen the beans cooked so long that there was not one skin left on the bean, they were floating separate.

The reason for the sprouting is that the beans are soaked so long from the sea water then set out in the sun to dry. No bean that has been wet, then dryed on the dock in the sun will ever soften, no matter how long it's soaked.

And we wonder why men come out of prison bitter and angry. We wonder why so many fights in prison. Martina McBride in her song "Love's the only House" says "that pain's got to go somewhere." We need more people taking that pain out in these acceptable ways like I am suggesting here on this website. It needs to be aimed at the criminals in government positions getting richer on the pain.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe most often gets the credit for: "Treat a man as he is and he will remain as he is. Treat a man as he should be treated and he may become as he should be."

The public expects people to come out of prison as they should be when they were treated as he is from the day he was arrested. So sad

Another crime is the sales of Flat-rate envelopes at an increased cost. The prison sells the Flat-rate envelopes at a .50 mark up. It is a federal crime for anyone to sell a USPS product for more than the USPS price.

A more serious crime is what they are doing to the men with Hep C. They are treating a few with the new meds. The rest they are telling them that they have too high of blood pressure and that they have arteries in their throats that are swollen from the bloodpresure issue. They make these men take the blood pressure drugs that kill the liver very quickly and make them die or get  too ill for treatment. They are doing this to prisoners in other states also, it's not just an Oregon crime.

The ODOC take Federal money for recycling. They put blue trash cans in a few places to make it look like they recycle, yet they dump the blue recycling cans in the same trash bin as everything else. I use the old term "lipstick on a pig." The ODOC are masters at putting lipstick on their pig. Sadly most are fooled into thinking that the pig of the ODOC is not a pig because on the surface it looks on the up and up. It's anything but.

They take oatmeal that was bought for the men by the public to serve in the kitchen at breakfast. They count 600 men when only 500 showed up for breakfast. The oats that the 100 men would have eaten is placed in one pound bags and sold to the men on canteen for $1.00 per pound. It is illegal to package food without the licencing for packaging food. The money made by this sale is not sent back to the public, but sent to PERS to make a bigger retirement for all state employees.

Next is the eggs. Each week they serve scrambled eggs. Each week an inmate cook cracks these eggs. While doing the cracking, he opens a shell and the smell surrounds the area. A kitchen co-ordinator will force the cook to through the rotten egg in with the batch. If the inmate refuses he is sent back to his cell with a "daily fail" report. Then another prisoner continues the egg cracking.

The larger picture here is this: The rotten egg is a federal law violation, but even if it weren't this causes riots. It is against the law to cause riots. If the staff learn of the content of the TV show I just recorded, they won't allow it to be shown in the prison. They will claim that it can cause a riot and the law allows them to reject information to the prisoners of this nature. But they will daily allow the staff to do things that cause riots. The saddest part of it all is that, just like in a family, the boss hollers at the Dad, the Dad takes it out on the wife, the wife takes it out on the children and the children kick the dog. If anyone would defend themselves against the attacker the dog would be safe, but that is not the norm. When the prisoners get mistreated they take it out on each other, there is no dogs. Prison staff who did the first kick, get paid overtime to control the riot, that they label a gang riot, never a food riot. So the ones who start the riot get rewarded for starting the riot. This justifies more security equipment, more staff, and they take all this to buy from the locals. One day the prisoners will not take it anymore, they will walk out and no one will be able to stop the exodus. It will be bloody and all because we kick the dog instead of kick the one who kicked us. We must kick the one who kicked us by collecting Declarations and sending them to our families and the families collect them and present them to the media while they present them to law enforcement and the courts. I took this all to the World Court and they wrote back to tell me they can't help me because I am not a state.

Think about this, around the world people get a plate put down in front of them, by a parent as an act of love, by a merchant as and act of love or respect. The plate and all that's on it is perfect. Now, walk into a prison as a prisoner. Each plate now is dirty, and one or more items on the tray is moldy, stinky or greasy. In thirteen years I only counted five trays of food I would have allowed my child to eat, all the rest were signs of disrespect. Where all the food set before me previously made me feel good, these all made me feel bad. I take that bad feeling to the court and the public, to ask for help, but most take the bad feeling out on others. This is dangerous for all, please help me stop this. 

There are many  more like these that I will write about later. If they don't murder me like they did Michael Francke. http://freefrankgable.wordpress.com/2008/11/10/unsolved-mysteries-episode-the-michael-francke-murder/   scroll down on this page to find this video: https://youtu.be/knuvlAWzBXQor find an illegal way to put me back in prison.

I want to thank the people of Oregon for their astute recognition of Official lies. Twice that I know of, the officials have gone to the public for more money for prison purposes. It's been denied. The people are being told that they will have sex offenders roaming their streets hunting down their children if they don't invest? What a bunch of hogwash. No matter how much money we put into the prisons there will be sex offenders getting out. Each time a prison is built there are a thousand bunks to fill. They give out measure 11 sentences of approximately 5, 10 and 15 years. In five years you have a mass exodus, then another in 10 and another in 15. At best this is just putting your problems on the next generation. (So what's new) Right now there is a mass exodus from the filling of Two Rivers in 2001. 

One in a 1000 will get out and commit a crime, the government officials will hype this up with the media that sensationalize to sell. And the real reason that person did a new crime was because they were never trained to think differently. Prisons are warehouses not instruments of change. It's all "lipstick on a pig." Years ago they changed the names from prison to corrections; warden to superintendent; prisoner to inmate. These title changes are all to make it look like they went from storage to repair. I can prove it is just title change only. Especially for sex offenders, they have absolutely no courses or rehab classes to take, they don't start any train until they are released. Then they are tossed to the sex offender treatment industry. I heard from many that one "treatment provider" tells everyone of the people assigned to their facility this: "None of you can get well, society will never be safe with you out of prison." Yet this provider takes their money anyway and provides the "lipstick on the pig."