Jacob Bennett

This was my son. He took his own life in April of 2014. He succumbed to the pain of cognitive dissonance. Contradiction was all around him as it is all of us. Jake was 33. He's in his garage during practice with SuperZero. One of his children he left behind is his daughter Emi. She's dancing to one of his songs. It takes a lot of pain to leave someone like this.
When he was two, I asked his mother if I could ask a question. I said answer it now, in a week, in a year, but please answer. I asked: "Why is it that the children are on my lap often each day and they are never on yours? She said, I will tell you now, with tears in her eyes.
"I was 14 and I killed my first child, I can't find it in myself to give to the ones I allowed to live, that love I denied the one I killed." He never recovered from being aborted as he lived. He aborted himself. More of the story.

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