Trial date was set for 1-17. We delievered our defense evidence 1-11 the next day the DA dismissed the case.

Good day all. This is an attempt to salvage and prevent destruction. I would say this is an attempt to save lives, which is also correct;  Jesus defined as murder-hate. 1 John 3:15. Today “murder” is done very often as Character assassinations. This character assignation has cost me a high price and in turn the poor of our city a high price. 
This is also an attempt to save the life of the accuser and her supporters. I believe they need support of the kind that they avoid at almost all cost-people who will confront them in love; push them to get the help that they truly need; protect their next victim. 
This goes out to only 14 people,  who have shown concern. It would be a few more but they have blocked me due to misinformation, I believe. You may send this link to those that you believe have been misinformed. 

If you have time for nothing else, please listen to these three recording from Paige. These are voicemail from my phone at 1:30 to 1:47 in the morning. I placed Paige on my favorite list in my contacts. This allowed her to call me at any hour. We were having problems with Paige’s phone showing up as “unknown” and then other times showing up as Paige. I checked with others to see if they were having the same problem with her phone. One told me that she was sure that Paige was doing to switching back and forth to named or “unknown” so she could harass people. So, she came across as unknown this night and left these messages on voicemail. Before I went to sleep I checked my phone one last time and found these. I went to her at Emanuel in 20 mins. She already had a man my age there with her who she identified as a “hit man” who killed people for a living and was an old friend from her dancing days. She left her phone and Walter with me while she went back with the young man. Her phone was 80 percent charged. I went to her car and found the charger placed behind the front passenger seat just at her arm’s length. The was the first of two times she created an “emergency” by claiming I had misplaced her charger in the car. She did it once with her home charger also. She is a master at creating conflicts, but not at hiding that they are just that; “created.” I filled her car with gas and reset the trip meter on her dashboard. She went off on me much like these recordings. She tells me that the trip odometer she set,  to keep track of the next oil change, that the shop asked her set it for them.  After hearing this brought up time after time; brought as evidence that I was a controller reaching to control things that were not my business, I pointed to the sticker that the shop had put on her windshield. I asked why they would ask her to keep her trip meter when they put this stickers on the cars? She quit using this as a way to belittle me, but only went silent; never an “I’m sorry.” These attacks were a daily thing; senseless, loud and vicious. I thought I could ride out the storms for the good times, but the good times ended. Each time I would admit guilt (to buy her attack off), then ask to solve the problem by me coming to her only when she had heavy loads to carry she would call me a quitter. Then she started telling me that if I walked out she would call police to report me for rape. I finally called her bluff, but she wasn’t bluffing.

I had met Paige for the first time face to face at the Peninsula flooding last year. I assisted her very sporadically after that. Then last May she volunteered to head a FHS food for Pitch-a-tent. I met with her at the prep meetings. Shortly after that I began to make deliveries to and from Paige. She began to kiss me on the cheek. About July 10th she changed the kiss to my lips. I asked about it to make sure it was not a mistake and she verified. On July 14th Walter, her dog was injured with a possible broken toe which is common to Yorkies. I checked-in with Paige to see if she needed anything and she was at the Vet with Walter’s toe. She asked for support and I arrived shortly afterwards. On the long wait for Walter’s treatment we set ground rules for moving forward in our new relationship. I told her that she would be in complete control as to how and when we advanced. I told her that I would not initiate any kind of affection but would respond accordingly. I told her that in respect to her current state of mental health I would not risk causing her fear or discomfort. She refused this part adamantly stating. “I will feel ugly and undesirable if you don’t show your feelings as they arrive.” I said that I would comply with this and added that I would not initiate anything that would lead to intercourse. I said that intercourse is far too often something that happens based on hormonal but can very easily lead to guilt or regret on someone’s part.   She accepted this limit. I held to it.

On the police report Paige made two days after she reported to the Clackamas Emergency Chat that “Doug touched me while I was sleeping.” Paige told police that she and I were coworkers and nothing more. If she would have claimed that we were in a relationship it would have taken the claim to Domestic violence which would get an investigation into whether we were intimate which would have led the prosecutor to call witnesses to support that we were intimate, which would have included her roommate Jerry and her landlord. She was not allowed by either to have me in her room and they would have known. So, being the well versed in DV law, and a DV teacher that she is, she took this path to do the most harm to me and least to her. She knew the most harm to me would come from harming the people who get fed, clothed and transported. Many a meal has been lost to this attack.

One of the shockers that came with Paige was her knowledge of “gaslighting.” She gaslighted me by accusing me of gaslighting. She was always trying to get me to believe that my brain was not functioning properly.  Someone who gaslights has not got a functional thinking process, someone who allows themselves to be gaslighted has not a functional thinking. I stopped her gaslighting and she put me in jail with the help of others that I had disagreed with their behaviors.

 Some have attacked me for supposedly violating Post-prison rules. I sent the rules to these people but few will read it.  Many of the rules are illegally enforced like adding church meetings to the excluded activities list. It’s not on the list
 I was always in compliance, always got permission from my PO. She is saying otherwise now that Cindy and Paige called her. I believe my PO will be fired after this is done for falsifying her report. With the false background report that Cindy and Wendy messaged to many and the instant support by many of the advocates, it emboldened Paige to take it to police.  Police should not have taken the report because Paige had given them a false report in May that her roommate had stabbed her. She backed out of that false claim before her roommate was arrested. The false background report is easily recognized as false because it showed that I was in prison with no release date since Feb 2014. 
Paige has told that I did not reveal my earlier false conviction (more on this previous false conviction coming up).  Paige tells me she is checking my FB Since I entered the realm of FB, I have always kept my website link for anyone to access. This has always had my background. Four times since I had this website, it has been hacked and info exposing evidence of my false conviction removed. I keep trying to keep up with replacing and I will find that my site is shut down and or I have been denied access. I change web companies three times to try to end these hacks. This last hack came just before Paige attacked me. SiteGround UA – View TicketHere is Paige planning on helping me with my driving log required by the PO I had. The driving log was eating much of my time and Paige said that she could do it in minutes. Paige had told Truck in preparation for her attack on me if I made any attempt to distance myself from her abuse.
Her body gift was used as a weapon just shortly after she gave the gift. When she gave the gift, I don’t believe she meant it as a trap. But there are three clearly different personalities coming from her and I saw signs that one personality doesn’t know or care what another personality did or does. One time she put me in a room to make sandwiches. Ten minutes later she walks back to me and begins a complaint like the recordings above. She tells me that no one ever does sandwiches in that room, all her other friends do it outside on the roof. I try to remind her that she is the one that set the table where it is and put the ingredients on the table, but this reminder was me “gaslighting.”
Now I have to expose some other lies.

Each one of these ladies I broke it off with them because they were abusive. This one was more self abusive with the staying associated with people who have mistreated her. When I told her that she needed to break away from these people she decided to get back at me by not inviting me to her recital. I asked the reason for my being left out and she blamed it on others who she said didn’t want me their. So, I took that as a backhanded way to tell me to take a hike. I broke off and told her why. Shortly thereafter Trena let me know that another person was making accusations about me and Janet Taylor was hosting a roast for me on her FaceBook. I was blocked but a friend asked Janet to unblock me from my Facebook trial. Janet unblocked me and I posted some evidence of false claims by women and posted a recording of my new attacker Elsana. This recording is just a few days after El went online to attack me. This recording is El trapped in a motel room with a man who won’t take her home, so she calls me for help. Janet has deleted her post recently, so no one can go there to learn the truth.

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