Getting a woman help is nearly impossible in Portland, OR

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This began November 29th. She has a black toe on each foot from frostbite. She has spent one night in my truck, one night at her brother’s, one night in the Emanuel ER lobby. three nights in the Clackamas warming at 9715 SE Powell. She is in church right now so I could go make another haul. She has foot surgery scheduled next week 12-21, then will go into CCC medical rehab unit at the Henry Bldg. I was told by many that we could get her inside with a Doctor note. We got the doctor note sent it out and it did no good (see above). They have open bunks this whole time at the Gresham women’s shelter but top bunks only. Even the doctor’s note does not get her a bottom bunk and her deformed feet won’t allow her to use the bunk ladder. And their policy is no one who can get to a top bunk will be moved once they’ve been placed on a bottom bunk. I told them this policy is insane and asked for a complaint department and they gave me a phone number to call but I haven’t had time to make the complaint yet.
She doesn’t follow up on anything, so I have to do that. We called SAFES the 11-29 to get her in there, they told us to call back in 1/2 hour. We called every half hour 3 times and got no answer. I’m sure SAFES has had an opening since but she doesn’t try again.
After the shelter on Powell closed I took her to a friend of hers and she stayed on a couch under the carport.
I took her to the day center at the Multco building on Belmont after dropping her truck load of things in her storage. I begged her to take with her only what she could easily carry back and forth from the day center to the shelter and mapped out her bus route. She refused to take the route and she stayed on the back porch of the shelter instead. Her reason: “I don’t like MAX.”

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    1. Yes, I left this highly unfinished. I got called away in the middle. My website only allows 128 mb at a time to upload and had to do a lot of work to find a way to cut the video down.

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