Big strange day

I headed out on bicycle to Lambert and Springwater Corridor 9:00 AM. I came to a sportster wrecked, most likely totaled. I looked around for a body, but not for long. The bike had been moved around the corner. You can see a white SUV rolling on the street behind the bike. This SUV is travelling in the lane the the bike wrecked from. The bike ran up onto the sidewalk and into the fence where someone pushed it around to the bike path and left it. It took some powerful people to move this bike. The tires would not roll for a full round. So, in the brand new sidewalk is skid marks matching the wheels. Each time the bad part of the wheel came around the tire would leave a skid mark. sportster wreck  So, I rode to a Harley shop that was closed, but I found someone out back. He rode down the the bike to see if it belonged to a friend. I gave the man at the Harley shop this picture to put on his phone.

Then I rolled on down to the meeting at Lambert and Springwater. I saw that there were plenty of people there to do what I had come to do, so I rode back up the trail to find people who may not be able to get to the meeting place. The first person I came to seemed to be well but weak. He was talking to two others and I broke in at an opportune silence. I asked if they knew of the meeting down the trail. Two went on their way uninterested, but this “weak” headed down the trail with me to meeting. He got half way there and collapsed. He went by ambulance to the hospital. As he was leaving in the ambulance, I notice a young man walking zombie-like down the trail.

I approached him and asked if he knew of the meeting. He said that he had not. He was wobbly and seemed to be just outside the boundaries of coherency.  I learned he was hearing voices. I probed for info. He said that he had been walking for 36 hour.  He said that he was hearing voices and spent time telling me what they were telling him. I gave him my phone so he could find the help he needed on Info211. He could not decide what he wanted. I tried to talk him into coming down to the meeting place and talk to some caseworkers but he refused. He said he didn’t want to be a burden. I connected to the mental health crisis hotline. He seemed to be talking to old friends. They wanted him to come down to the walkin Mental Health clinic at Division and 42. I told him it was a 4 mile walk, but he wanted to walk instead of going back to the meeting place. He tried to give me his last $5.25 for being kind to him. I would not take it. Sarah Iannerone came by just as we started walking the 4 miles. You may recognize the name. Sarah and I worked together to put up the Hopeforward women’s shelter a few month ago. We attend meetings intended to help the houseless. Sarah was able to talk him into going back to the meeting area and letting us get him a ride. She told him it was a 3 hour walk. I think my 4 miles didn’t sink in but her 3 hours did the trick. Sarah put him on the back of her bike and pedaled him the half mile to the meeting site as I followed on my bike. Just as we arrived at the meeting site, someone hollered my name. It was an old friend I had been looking for on the trail for over a year. After the young man with the mental health issues left, I connected with my old friend. I got his phone to repair and take back to him tomorrow. We have another meeting in the same field 7-24 to work on the issues of the sweep coming Aug 1st. I will be bringing to my friend a solar panel I had bought and tested to keep car batteries charged for home use. He will have power to keep his electronics charged up now. I rode from there to 108th and Division to see if I could find the bike and backpack of the man with the mental health issues. I was unable to find it and rode down to 43rd and division to see if I could get any info about the man’s whereabouts and hopefully leave a message that I could not find his bike. But all I got was that he was not there anymore. “Hippa rules.” So I headed down to Hazelnut grove for their first grove in the grove public greet and meet event. Koin and KGW news were just leaving as I arrived. I stayed to meet hear some live music and greet some of my friends. I will be back on Monday to help erect some structures.

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