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I’ve sent something very similar to all the local papers.

Houseless population Portland

In 1895 to 1940s there was a universal test used in Insane Asylums around the world. If someone believed that a patient had recovered he was put to the test. They had a peep hole or one way mirror to a room with a sink with water piped in. Staff would turn on the valve so the water overflowed onto the floor. They would give the patient, suspected of having his faculties return to him, a mop and bucket. Then they would ask him to take care of the spill in the next room. If the man turned off the valve before he began to mop he was sent home. If he tried to mop without shutting off the source he was to be kept in the Asylum.
So many today are asking that the Mayor start mopping a problem without shutting off the incoming. That is still insanity. We don’t even have a valve to shut off. We have no adequate rent-cap or eviction laws. This allows Corporations to expand; calling in employees from out of state without providing adequate housing for the new people. They just need to pay them a little more than the existing renters. The new workers apply at the existing housing agencies and show they can pay more than the current renters, the housing agency ups the rent then evicts the current renters. The new people move in and the old you see on the street.
Those on the streets a living in just the same squalor that has let to every plague in history. We might “sweep” them away, but the germs don’t have boundaries and our children will die for our lack of sanity.
https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2015I1 Please join me in using this new site to take back control of our laws. The Corporations pay the campaign funds to elect our officials. The officials allow the corporations to skip the added cost of providing housing for new employees. And we all pay the price instead.
Thank you in advance.

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