Great Movies

Mt. St. Helens Explosive evidence for creation

Courageous and Risen  These two movies should let you play from the link. Courageous is a Kendrick Brothers film about living without the spirit of fear but of sound mind.  Risen is a movie based on Biblical and extrabiblical accounts (think Josephus). Tells the story of the battle to cover up the body of Christ/Messiah. I’m using coverup in both ways. The effects on the man assigned to cover up.

Watch what happens when the preacher preaches and someone actually believes what he doesn’t believe; but preached.


City Mayor brings back Christ into Christmas ends up in jail. His grandson finds the video of his father’s death while on military patrol in Mid-east.

Unconditional:  Love lost, found; horses; Nashville project living; unforgiveness almost leads to murder; fatherless; and fathered. Bring the box, this movie will make you feel such love for the Lord it leads to the tissue issue.

Friends for Life:  I can’t find the movie for free anywhere but this will let you know how the bear fight was filmed. Amazing.
Man wife dies; finds orphaned wolf pups; saves the town from predators (two legged kind) Finds the Lord’s love.
Bear trainer
Friends for Life Box cover

Concussion    Here is the trailer The movie about the man brought to the US by the hand of God to stand for the men dying from football brain injury.

Lost and Found Family: A rich lady is widowed. She finds that her husband had lost everything but had not told her. He had only one asset left outside the estate auction. A rental property in a small town far away. See what the Lord had in mind for that rental property.

Miracles from Heaven  True story of faith under fire. Watch a mother kneel at the base of an old dead tree. She repeats the Lord’s prayer. Inside the tree is her young daughter who fell into the hollow tree from a limb 30 feet up. As you watch remember that during this filming Jennifer Garner was in divorce proceedings, now she has determined to make it work. Coincidence? It always amazes me how actors can do great work depicting God’s truth and leave untouched.

A teacher answers a student’s question. The student wanted to know if the teachings of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was comparable to the teaching of Christ. The teacher agreed with chapter and verse. The school board asked her to apologize. She refused and it went to court.

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