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Friday 4-8-16 is a meeting for the Village Coalition. It will be held at Noon at the Rebuilding Center  3625 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97227. The Rebuilding Center is a lumber yard of reclaimed building materials. (Smart) The Village Coalition was conveyed to me by Jose, the main man at the Hazelnut Gorve village next to the City of Portland's Greeley Forest Garden near Greeley and N. Interstate. Here is Jose's story http://thehumanityhub.webs.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/TheHumanityHub/

One of the things I came away with from this meeting above is this link http://www.portlandoregon.gov/toolkit/ I got the feeling from the three people at this meeting, that were city employees, that they may really be working for solutions to homelessness. Josh Alpert gave me his card and told me to come directly to him for homeless info and opportunity to help. [email protected] .  Another attendee at the meeting was Tom Patzkowski who manages The ReBuilding Center http://www.rebuildingcenter.org/ 

A couple other attendees were from the Hazelnut Grove village. This is a homeless camp mentioned above. One of them spoke of the rat problem they were having. I went the the Hazelnut Grove tonight armed with some youtube video of homemade rat traps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PLO3a9QQQI I built two of these traps but I don't think they will work. I waited for the sun to go down and the rats to come out. All that I saw were too big. They all will be able to jump out of a 5 gallon bucket that I used. All that will be caught are very young rats and mice. When I return we will be making one from a 55 gal barrel. 


Pray about what the Lord wants you to do. 

Please remember: What the Church ignores the world employs. Another person puts it this way. "In the absence of martyrs there's a presence of thieves." A martyr is not a dead saint, but one who puts God's will over life itself; a person willing to die for belief in God. 
The only witness to a crime that we are allowed to murder is a baby. The Bible makes it clear that indescriminate sexual activity is a crime. Heb 13:4 says "Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge." This criminal activity produces a witness to the crime by a buldge in one of the participants. Pro-choice allows murdering this witness as a choice.

And, Homosexuals can't reproduce, they can only recruit. But we must take the time to learn of people with Chromosomal disorders such as Klinefelter syndrome. These people need the love and support of the Church. They were born different like a so many others. They have stuggles like no others. But we must not ignore the true homosexual, one who is not dealing with a chromosomal issue, just a defiance issue. We must help them with their defiance, just as we would a person who is overweight is defiant. How many obese people do you see making fun or condemning a tobacco user, or a homosexual, or anyone who rejects Christ. How can they expect to draw someone to Christ when their very weight tells that they have little self control. Self control is evidence of the presense of  Christ in the form of Holy Spirit. So obese people evangelism, must include the recognition that salvation is a journey not a happening. They must admit on the outset that they have yet to turn fully to Christ for their comfort, before they can ask people to join them in their quest. For 99 percent of people, just a tape around the waist at the belly button is all you need to know where you stand. That measurement should be half your height. There are a rare few that store extra weight at the hips and below only. They have to use the BMI scales.   

Read Act 6:1-7 Try to use the principles from this text to apply to the food situation presented here. Note that the church grew after the people handled a food situation properly. People want to get involved with groups that perform, not groups that teach you to teach and don't take what's been learned into the shop and fix some things.

Before I ever got into this battle I offered a solution. It was ignored. I can't complain about anything unless I have found a solution, a better way, or know what a honest person would do. I asked Govornor Kitzhaber to consider putting goats on DOC property. Use the goats for fire prevention. Some may think that is crazy but take a look. We could have a butcher shop and eat these goats at the prisons. Think of the benefits that so many would get. Fire control; food; butcher training; healthy meats, healthier prisoners, less medical costs. Then a hidden benefit: Animal therapy. We have no touching in the prisons allowed. Endorphines are released everytime me touch and animal. We could assign a goat to prisoner as they arrive to take groom. Teach veterinarian classes. The list is almost endless. The only thing standing in the way is that our leaders can't make money from a work of honesty. Each goat butchered would be one less dollar they make for buying expired food and charging the public for the price of fresh. This is the same reason that the gardens around the state on DOC property are plowed under when they are fully productive. Each item from the garden is less income from expired food.

Please go to Oregon.gov Find the Governor's contact info.  Use the search to find Pardon and commutation. Read this section and hold the Governors accountable. They have been telling people for years that they are against Measure 11 but can't do anything. This is deception. They can commute sentences until the legislature revokes Measure 11.

Go to the website and hold the 9th Circuit accountable for allowing judges to say that it is legal to feed prisoners maggots. The Chief judge made his ruling but I have asked for a review. The law required the review to take place at the onset because this is a criminal complaint, but they don't want one of their leaders to go down for mistreating prisoners. 1-09-14 I heard from the 9th Circuit. They tell me that the review won't take place because Ancer Haggarty is retired. Please let me know if you see him doing any cases. Judges don't retire, they do less. He won't be allowed to do anything or my complaint case is reopened. I guess it's a small victory, he won't be cheating anyone else soon.

Study 1Cor 5:1 and then the rest of this story at IICor 2:1

This is the section of the Bible where our forefathers developed the Penitentiary. A Place to be "taken away from among you." A place for repentance. Penitentiary and penitent and repent all have the same root word.

People were supposed to be released when they show repentance.

Work to remove unnecessary ease. We wake each day and turn up the thermostat to be at ease. Ease is our goal in planning our drive to work, but can we go too far with our ease?

Christ said: Mt 11:30  For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. Then he defined easy. He told the story of the Good Samaritan. Lu 10:33 In the story he turned "good" and "easy" on its ear. He was talking to the men who thought they were the good guys, yet he used the example of what the men thought was a bad guy to point out an example of good. So, back to easy.

Was it easy for the guys who walked on by the injured man. By the standards the Devil wants us to use; easy is walking by. But Christ wants us to avoid that definition and use His definition. Easy is stopping to help the injured man. Now how can stopping to help be easy and walking on by be hard you ask. Thanks for asking.

We believers have to look on the long term issues. What kind of world would it be here and now if everyone defines ease as the Devil. It is awful, look at the homeless all around us. So many are there because a Pharisee or doctor has stolen their home. What will you do when you get laid off and you can't make your payment? What will you do when you have a medical bill from a car wreck or cancer that takes all your money. So many are homeless for one of these reasons. But these homeless are a terrible example of so many defining easy as the Devil defines it: "Walk on by."

Then we have the long, long term view. What is the next life going to be. Will taking the long way and helping the injured get you a short way in the next life. The Bible says it will pay off in this life and the next. Mt 11:29  Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. He's trying to tell us that our soul will be at rest by going the extra mile now. How long your soul will be at rest is up to interpretation, but I like it now and will like it tomorrow and expect it to last forever.
When your loved one in prison tells you that the food he served is bad or he is forced to package oats for he is forced to remove the labels from food boxes before the prisoners see it. Or he is forced to put rotton eggs in with good eggs or the kitchen area is dirty or insects or mice. Take it to the FDA at their Inquiry page. Ask the FDA instead of let it go, keep a record of what you asked. Cut and paste the text section into a document on your computer and put the date and time with it. This way you will have a record of what you asked. The reason government officials went to the online questions instead of email is that email generates a record, where these online forms don't. You have to generate your own record. They count (their bribe money) because we count on them to be honest. 

You can go to the food laws for the year of the infraction at the Government Printing Office. All the law books are there. Don't take some judges word for anything. It's against the law to feed prisoners Maggots. It's called adulterated. Mistakes are crime in FDA laws.

Another new program I would like for all to consider is called C0SA.   Circles of Support and Accountability  www.cosaoregon.org  EMO <[email protected]> When I was released, I began looking for programs that might really help a Sex offender change his life. I had heard too many stories from those who had received the accepted treatment from the accepted treatment providers and so many of the men had learned to beat the system. The current system is polygraph to fool the men to tell on themselves. Once the men learn the reason why polygraph is not allowed in court, they recognized it for the ruse it is. There is a reason a person breaks the code and does sexual offenses. A man needs help to find those reasons and replace them with new. The first meeting I attended was Audrey explaining CoSA. When she ended I summarized: "Isolation is both cause and effect of crime."

I live in a building with 66 men released from prison. Isolation is a goal of about 80 percent. Another 10 percent accept the isolation forced upon them by the POs and society as a whole and the last 10 percent fight isolation with everything they have. They want back in. CoSA's motto is "no more victims." Their model can accomplish this goal. I'm surrounded by ticking time bombs waiting to go off and create yet another victim.

The POs have the public fooled that they have a caseload that doesn't allow them to supervise properly. I spend an hour a month watching them in their offices talk to their friends and family on the phone. It's heartbreaking.  Few hold government employees accountable for anything.

Click on this Google plus box. Take a look at the interior of two of the CCC buildings. They are slums. It you go to http://www.centralcityconcern.org/ and look at their buildings around town you can tell if it is a slum it there are no interior photos available.