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We have recorded a television broadcast for

I found this video on maggots after we filmed the interview above. I was afraid this would happen, so I keep fighting. Type "maggots in prison food" in the YouTube search to see this is not an isolated issue

Good day and thank you for your time. I pray you and yours are well.
RE: Illegal food and drugs to prisoners is foundation for long sentencing and innocents in prison.
Oregon officials have written an illegal law. Scroll down to page 23: ORS 616.805(4) allows canned food and frozen food to be handled the same. Only in Oregon is it legal to leave food frozen in a freezer and test it for viability just as you do canned food. In Oregon, if you take it out of can or freezer, if it looks good and doesn't give off a disgusting smell, you can feed it to a person. At least by Oregon state law, not Federal or international law. 7 USC § 4402(4) Definitions As used in this chapter (4) The term perishable foodstuffs means quick deep-frozen and frozen food products listed in annex 2 and food products listed in annex 3 to the agreement.
Here is just one article by someone brave enough to tell what the scientists who wrote Title 7 above learned from their microscopes. Take vitamin C: Broccoli loses anywhere from 30 percent to 50 percent of its vitamin C content during freezing, while green beans lose 17 percent. In general, losses due to the entire freezing process can range from 10 to 80%, with averages around 50%, the report states. But wait, there's more. Produce pretty much starts to lose vitamin C the minute its harvested. Broccoli sitting for seven days at room temperature will lose more than 50 percent of its vitamin C. The permutations are enough to make your head spin, but the bottom line is this: In the question of whether frozen is as good as fresh, the answer largely seems to depend on what we mean by fresh. If we'™re talking about conventional produce, ”which has often been trucked in from far away, that you buy in your average grocery store, then yeah, sure, frozen probably holds its own (so long as you don't keep it in deep-freeze for, like, a year).
You see, in 1970 when they wrote Title 7, the world leaders met in Geneva and agreed that freezing is a temporary storage device; not like canning which has an indefinite length of storage time. It was recognized that freezing actually begins to destroy the food after a year. This destruction can not be found by sniffing or looking, it can only be detected by microscope. Please remember that most info on length of storage for frozen is based on keeping the food at 0 or below. If you go to a prison you will find that it costs too much to keep freezers at 0 so it's kept at 32. Then remember that one of the reasons it came to a prison is because it was damaged when the freezer it was in broke down. Also remember the word " expired" was used on frozen food because it really was found to expire(die, unfit). Now the rich want to use it on the poor so they have changed the meaning of expired. Don't fall for it. Your mother was right when she threw away food after a year. Remember she cleaned out the freezer once a year? One of the many reasons I started to try to stop this crime was my dog.
I was always assigned the assistant's job when it came time to clean out the freezer. My dog was the best, so I couldn't see tossing the meat when he was right there. I cooked it up and gave it to him. He would not touch it. He could tell it was dead. His nose works better than a human's. I know some of what prisoners are fed is also put into dog food at the dog food cannery. But they have PETA watching, So they have to add vitamins with the old food. Not for the prisoner. The world knows there are innocents in the prisons but few care for the Ethical Treatment of Prisoners, there is no PETP.
So, the Oregon officials are taking money from the public for the cost of fresh food and drugs and buying expired food and drugs at pennies on the dollar. One reason why they get away with this is that the average age of a Oregon prisoner is 28 years. 28 years is the place in life where we are the least susceptible to food poisoning; we have the highest level of stomach acid. Food laws were written to protect the old and young. The average life span of a Oregon Prisoner is 60 years. 18 years less than out of prison where car wreaks and all the risks of life are. Prison is a great way that people do their "Death with Dignity" on their old folks whose property they won't wait to get. My family got more than $100,000 from my going to prison.

We say doctors are the only people who can bury their mistakes. Judges and prosecutors go one up on the doctors, they bury their mistakes alive in a cell.
Let me add here an Historical account: Please note; history doesn't repeat itself, people try the same crimes over and over with a little twist on it.

"In addition to disease, the health status of many American Indians was threatened by rotting meat and bug-infested food supplies that were distributed with rank drinking water at forced and guarded military encampments with poor sanitation. These encampments became reservations (Berzok, 2005)"

In those stories, we heard of the military officers who got money from their supervisors for the cost of fresh food and collected the trash in the nearby town to take to the Natives.
Now please take time to read this article in which I was interviewed by the Oregonian.  Will you recognize the similarities between the current events and those of the Natives? The Leaders of our country wanted what belonged to the Natives so they called them savages and took all that had. Now they are calling their victims sex offenders and taking all that they have. A few of the Natives resorted to violence and all went to reservations. A few people commit crimes today, but anyone who's not part of the "good old boys" is subject to conviction. (Who doesn't know the Goldschmidt story") If a person is a good ol boy and gets caught, he gets less time. Please read the book  Actual innocence; by Barry C. Scheck & Peter J. Neufeld. This is a book of the stories of men who were falsely convicted and interviews with those who did the conviction. DNA evidence has proven that all other methods of evidence is unreliable. Even fingerprinting has lost its throne.(Place of power) See the Brandon Mayfield story and on The Real CSI.

Oregon Officials are masters at getting Federal funds yet not complying with the requirements. Their latest caper was the Healthcare website.
Now comes the "proof in the pudding." The "pudding" being PERS. When I began my legal work to end all the stealing from the public by stealing from prisoners. Oregon's public employees were retiring at 53 years old with a raise. This is the only place on earth that public servants are not servants at all in any stretch of the definition. Remember, at the beginning of the 1900s the pastor was paid more than the doctor or the lawyer! The church is where you went to get married, buried, fed, hospitalized and educated back then. You still see church names on universities and hospitals around the country, many have no ties at all with the name above their doors.
You can see that the battle over PERS began raging the year I began my suits. The only two things that I won was this: This expired food on canteen ended and the Chow hall food went from 10 years in a freezer to 2 years. Still illegal but I'm sure they had to pay more for newer trash than the older. I've brought complaints about 9 different unethical and or criminal scams they are running to cheat the public. See the excerpt from the Shrunk case in:ROBERTSON v. KULONGOSKI, 466 F.3d 1114, 1116 (9th Cir. 2006) When you click on this link scroll down to II. Analysis; just above this you can read: 

"The Money Match in recent years has provided generous retirement allowances. For example, in 2000, the average PERS retired member with 30 years of creditable service retired at the age of 53 with a service retirement allowance equal to 106 percent of the member's final average salary. Id. At 1070"

The Oregonian and the Statesman Journal both filed requests in August 2010 for the pension records of PERS retirees. PERS denied them, and the newspapers appealed the decision to Attorney General John Kroger. Kroger issued a written order in October 2010, telling PERS to release nearly all the information requested. Rather than comply, PERS hired it own lawyer and appealed. The agency ultimately entered mediation with the newspapers. The agency agreed to release a considerably truncated list of retiree information."
I did a Judicial Misconduct Complaint No. 13-90200.  The more people who call, write or email the 9th circuit, the sooner this judge will be censored for putting his ideas over the Laws of the Land. The sooner the attitude of those judges without mercy will be brought to justice. They "retired" this judge instead of do something about it on the record. This was an investigation into the statement that maggots can be fed to prisoners in my Bennett v. Misner case.  If we want justice in this country, we must put an end to the criminals in government positions using the prisons to gain larger pay and pension by cheating the public by cheating the prisoners. Two results will follow: One, holding the courts accountable to the law will cause fewer people accused of crime to be run through the system. This will cause them to go back to doing better investigations. Better investigations will cause less innocents in prison. Less innocents means more guilty in prisons. Have you ever thought about what the guilty were doing when their replacement was in prison? They are often out murdering and raping more and learning each time to pin it on someone else. Think of the 50 plus women Gary Ridgeway murdered. There are still men in prison convicted of killing someone Ridgeway has confessed to killing. Each time he reads that of one of his murders is being pinned on someone else it emboldened him to kill again. Two, think of all the media exposure of the treatment of sex offenders? True sex offenders know that there is no mercy to turn themselves in for treatment before prison. They learn that they are much safer if they murder the victim instead of allow the victim to make a sex offense complaint. The more we make it less advantageous for officials to put men in prison the greater chance that sex offenders will get treatment before prison or in prison instead of the current model of treating them after they are released into the public again. We can have an effect on the list of missing children and women in the country by making sure a person can ask for help without fear of an automatic prison sentence. The last I read, there are from 3,200 to 4,600 cases of missing people. 2001.

One of the many reasons I can't get these crimes stopped completely is the issue of "Separation of Powers." Our founders used the example of the Bible to create the three-pronged governing powers. Legislative, Executive and Judicial. These are emulations of Word, Holy Spirit and People. We must hold what we read in the Word accountable to what the Spirit and people tell us. We must hold what people tell us to the Word and Spirit, we must hold what the Spirit tells us to the Word and people. So, the executive branch is supposed to be accountable to the judicial and legislative and so on and so forth.

This process has been circumvented by the money stolen from the public, through stealing from the prisoner, by using the money to increase the pay and pensions of all three branches of government. If just one branch was separated from the booty they might stand against the crime, but instead, all branches of government profit from the crime. They all have a "conflict of interest" issue going on and none will admit to this conflict. When I take the issue out of State to the Feds they all take a bribe to ignore the issue, or they were a state judge who profited by the issue. Or some are scared off with the threat that I received: "You are going to end up like Michael Francke." Please watch the movie Without evidence to get a feel of the power of murder. This link to this movie has been "removed by administrator by Vodlocker. So, I add this link in its place. Let's see if they can get YouTube to end its display of this movie. Without Evidence on YouTube. And they did, in just a week this movie was taken from YouTube; but I've found another link.   This infamous murder has given criminal Oregon officials the power to scare anyone into taking a bribe. Anyone but a true believer, called a martyr by some. Then watch The Changeling. This is the movie Veronica Nufer brought up when she interviewed me. (top of page). Please be advised there is a little foul language in both these movies. I don't advocate for foul language; both movies could have been done leaving it out. This begs the question: "Should movies reflect the culture knowing that their reflection will affect change in the culture?"
She compares me to the preacher in the movie, but I've experienced more of the retaliation that the character, played by Angelina Jolie, experienced. It would be nice to tell the truth while someone else suffers for the telling, but that is rarely the case. And, I'm sure if they wanted to add 20 minutes to the movie they could show some of the retaliation that the Pastor experienced.

The first thing the ODOC criminal officials did to me after I started my suit was to bring up false charges and throw me in the Hole for 42 days. In those 42 days they denied me food. Two weeks after I got out of the Hole my first tooth just fell out; no pain, no blood, just came out. I took the tooth to the Sergeant of the Unit to show him that it just fell out. I needed a record of the event so I would not be accused of fighting. He could see that I was not scuffed or bruised. So for the next four years, one by one my teeth ended up in my hand. I learned later that when the body is deprived of calcium the body steals it from the mandible( lower jaw) to keep the heart pumping. As it steals from the jaw the teeth lose their foundation. The small teeth up front fall out first then the big teeth loosen and bleed and need pulled. I avoided the dentist because I knew they would use the dentist to kill me. The pain and inability to chew my food, forced me to the dentist. He stuck a needle in me so hard and far that it made my left eye go blind for a few seconds. I never went back and pulled all my larger teeth myself. Indescribable pain. When preacher tell us that Heb 12:4 "Ye have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin." Applies to all, I beg to differ. I have bled. If I have bled I know a rare precious few other have also bled. I believe the writer of Hebrews was talking to those he knew had not made a commitment to the Lord, not to those who had. We all must be willing to bleed in our struggles against sin or we are not a part of the good Remnant that still survives and thrives. Not to be confused with the bad remnant. Re 19:21  And the remnant were slain with the sword of him that sat upon the horse, which sword proceeded out of his mouth: and all the fowls were filled with their flesh. If we are not willing to bleed, we are a Remnant that can and will be the remnant of Mt 22:6: "And the remnant took his servants, and entreated them spitefully, and slew them."

Historically, an illustration of a good remnant are the seven thousand in Israel who in times of apostasy of the Ahab/Jezebel era had not defected from the Lord. 1 Kings 19:9-18

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